True Colors Book 1, Blackmail

blackmailHe’s action. She’s heart.
He loves lust. 
      She demands true love.
Experienced in their fields-
      Both have much to teach, to  learn.
Scout Mommy Alexandra Hamilton opened her door to a man who’d make Michaelango’s chisel sing, and knew he wasn't going to be selling her cookies...
Adam "Cypher" Stonecypher's black ops for hire organization barters goods for services and wants for nothing. He boasts a confidence rating of over 97% on every op he chooses no matter how technical or dangerous, but a small favor for his mother, the Governor's wife, requires a woman's touch.
When he blackmails Alexandra into assisting on what should be a low-risk case, he learns too late for both of them he's been betrayed. His professional future, the safety of world leaders, and Adam and Alexandra's lives are all on the line.
His "easily manipulated" new helper is tougher than she looks and MacGyvers her way out of deathly situations, proving to be far more than even Adam imagined as they hunt for stolen G-8 Summit security specs and the ruthless predators who will kill to retrieve them.
Even worse for Adam's peace of mind, Alexandra is a woman who has loved and lost. She easily sees beyond his emotional firewall to what the ultimate tactician secretly wants most and poses a clear security threat to his carefully guarded heart.
Not only can his underestimated new partner help him save the day, Alexandra is the answer the well connected loner has been seeking--
--if they will just choose to take the greatest risk one... more... time.

“Grins... my truth....I love your characters & the zip & wiggles you put in, you blindside me on the where things are going...
that is a joy a reader rarely gets.”

-Unsolicited Reader Review by C. Braly

FIVE STARS! (Kindle Edition Verified Purchase)
Ahhh!! I must have more!! I love the characters and the storyline! I am impatiently awaiting the next book. You have definitely hooked me, K.D. Harp!

FOUR STARS! (Kindle Edition Verified Purchase)
A Golden Pen. Truly Fabulous New Author. Must Read.
Loved it. Absolutely fabulous premier book by a new author. As a bookophile familiar with every genre (over 500 books read this year so far and that's par for the course) and literally thousands of authors, I can honestly say that K.D. Harp is one of the best I've seen in a long time. She will draw you in, have you pounding the couch saying "no they didn't!" and definitely being late for any morning appointments after an all night read. Adam and Alexandra are fantastically funny, sexy and they have the best parties! I was fortunate enough to be able to go through Blackmail, White Lies and Code Prodigal back to back. Three days, too many Rice Krispy Treats, little sleep and I anxiously await her next release. Welcome K.D.! I'm thrilled to have such a talent and hope to see you for many years to come.

FOUR STARS! (Kindle Edition Verified Purchase)
Fun suspense, friendship and maybe romance? Like the Janet Evanovitch series, we have a girl, a guy and another guy. But unlike Stephanie Plum, Harp's main character, Alexandra, is a widowed mother of one, unwittingly drawn into a black ops scenario that challenges her mentally, physically and most of all, it challenges her heart. Alternatingly, upbeat, funny and dramatic, Blackmail is a fun read.

FIVE STARS! (Kindle Edition Verified Purchase)
It only starts with Blackmail....then a control freak meets his chaos and we get a very fun ride. Best read in forever....I laughed.....I was stunned.....I was titillated....I was hooked......Cypher is a boss of experts who can find anything...track anything...protect anything or anyone. But he needs someone who does not reek expert, is female and capable for one very important find. In the course of another job......he spies one who might fit the bill, and he has the goods on her. Stonecypher gets her reluctant help......and his controlled sane world is now a thing of the past. He let Alex loose to do what she does best......get from A through his whole alphabet to B.

FOUR STARS! (Kindle Edition Verified Purchase)
A good read. Fast paced, with humor.
As another reviewer has noted, this author draws favorable comparisons to Janet Evanovich's style of writing. The lead in the story appears smarter than Stephanie Plum in that I believe Alexandra will learn from her experiences and Plum blunders through the same mistakes over and over. I like that Alexandra has values, and a biting sense of humor. She is no caricature, but a developing character with depth to come.

Page Turner
Book is one of those that you don't put down until you are done. Being a southern girl I totally relate to the main character

FIVE STARS! (Kindle Edition Verified Purchase)Wonderful page turner from a new author
This book captured me in just a few pages and kept me interested right to the end. Worst part about it is that the author's next book isn't finished yet! A fun easy read, yet intelligent. Lot's of local Atlanta color also made it interesting to this native. Always good to see good writing, principled characters who develop over the course of the book, and a plot that twisted and turned much like the streets of Atlanta itself.

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